St. Colmcille Project

We are very proud of our senior class. The pupils have collaborated in order to enter a competition to celebrate the life and legacy of St. Colmcille. We first began learning about St. Colmcille last year when we took part in a virtual workshop with a heritage expert. We learned about the life of St. Colmcille and the symbols we associate with him. There was soooo much to learn about St. Colmcille so we decided to brainstorm and pick one area to focus on. We decided to focus on the prophecies of St. Colmcille which were fascinating to us. We looked at many prophecies on dú which had been recorded by children who were in school in Fanad during the 1930s. We found out that St. Colmcille made lots of prophecies which we believe have come true already! We decided to create a cartoon based on five of St. Colmcille’s prophecies (because there are five of us!) We used modelling clay to make miniature people and miniature sets. We each brought in a shoe box and used paint and paper to create back drops. We typed up a script based on the telling of the prophecies. We each did voiceovers in order to re-enacted the telling of the prophecies and how many of them came to pass. We used an app to make our clay model figures and we had to take loads and loads of pictures to show the movement. Aaron edited the video and we are so happy and excited about our video project!