The children have been so lucky to have had some gymnastic lessons with Teresa. They have been learning about the:

Forward Roll-Over = Stretch, Squat, Smack, Tuck, Lift & Roll.

Backwards Roll-Over = Lay Down, Tuck hands under ears, Lift your legs over your head, Roll over to Stand up.

Hand-Stand = Stretch, T- position ( two arms outstretched & one leg off the floor ), Smack ( hands on the floor) , Kick ( Kick up two legs off the floor , careful not to fall on your back)

Obstacle Course = Forward Roll-Over, Ladder steps, Hop-Skotch. Bear Crawl, Hurdle Jump , Backwards Roll-Over, Limbo, Cartwheel, Handstand

Cartwheels = Stretch, Star, Foot hand hand foot ( sideways, on your better side)